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2021 - present

Around mid 2020, I have  been exploring tech along with math and science (such as the  Linden Mayer system , cellular automata , slime mode) based generative art.

With ample experience in public space design, I  am currently working on building interactive and immersive public spaces with digital layers.

This is a real-time generative and interactive exploration where in the  X, Y, Z buttons correlating to its axes  help manipulate the geometry. 

Interactive Geometry

Sound as memory

Traversing through Mumbai and Montreal; Through my experienced journey;

Through my memory; Building memoryscapes. 


Self initiated project proposals for Public Art Installation

Title - Neural Terrain

(exhibited at the Glitch Cinema Festival – Zagreb, Croatia hosted by . October, 2022 )

#generative Experiments

My Project

 a self initiated discipline started to help me explore various generative medium and  develop my coding and software skills

Title - Teleport

(first prototype using Unity and Shader code)
audio sourced from youtube

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