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2021 - present

Around mid 2020, I have  been exploring tech along with math and science (such as the  Linden Mayer system , cellular automata , slime mode) based generative art.

With ample experience in public space design, I  am currently working on building interactive and immersive public spaces with digital layers.

This is a real-time generative and interactive exploration where in the  X, Y, Z buttons correlating to its axes  help manipulate the geometry. 

Interactive Geometry


Generative art experiments with JavaScript and canvas sketch library by Matt DesLauriers. 


Self initiated project proposals for Public Art Installation

Title - Neural Terrain

(exhibited at the Glitch Cinema Festival – Zagreb, Croatia hosted by . October, 2022 )


My Project

#generate108 is a self initiated discipline started on Instagram to help me develop various coding and software skills

Title - Teleport

(first prototype using Unity and Shader code)
audio sourced from youtube

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