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June 20219

Scope of Project

Concept Design


Ar. Anshuman Roy

This is aproject pitch
presented to The City of Masdar, Abu Dhabi.
The goal/brief of this project was to design a
site-specific Art installation that could generate enough power to supply electricity
for the city of Masdar. 

It is a Larger than life open ended square structure with walkway ramps on the two ends of the site that approach the intersection, “The Square,” i.e., the focal point of attraction. These ramps have canopies for shade.
The central superstructure and the canopies are entirely made from ultra-high efficiency flexible solar photovoltaic modules that are tiled in a pixelated fashion and mounted across pre- fabricated high steel exoskeleton structure giving it a poetic illusion of integrating- disintegrating form of the formation of a ‘Square’.

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