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curated fine spirits festival 

The Vault Bienniale is Asia's First-ever Luxury spirits festival.

The first edition was hosted in Mumbai, India 2019. 

Scope of work - Space and Exhibit Design

 Design: Anamika Deb & Juhie Gupta.

Production by Orange Juice Entertainment



The Vault Biennale, a highly curated fine spirits festival being launched in Mumbai was extremely dear to our heart. While certain aspects of the festival design were in place, we were keen to bring someone on board who would be responsible for the user experience. Someone who could add the necessary elements that created a design harmony by playing with elegant elements, in keeping with the brand style and ethos. And that’s exactly what Juhie, Anamika delivered effortlessly on. Even though they came on board very late into the project, their positive attitude and commitment, their ability to understand and get under the skin of the project, their total sense of ownership, their sensitivity to budgets and their immersion into every aspect of the set design to see how to fine tune and firm up even those aspects of design that were directly not under their responsibility list, ensured that they brought together a user experience that was very highly appreciated. Above all as a team, they are fun, relaxed and open to suggestions and discussions, making it a rich and collaborative experience. The Vault team thanks them for adding so much value to the whole design experience.


Anjan & Keshav Prakash

Curators - The Vault Biennale 2019

Vault Fine Spirits Pvt. Ltd. 

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