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Multimedia Artist & Scenographer

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In the form of a 'confessional', Dis-Moi offers it's audience the opportunity to share their hopes, dreams, and fears to reveal stories of former participants.

It is a real-time immersive and interactive audio-visual installation, which aims to create safe spaces by means of cognizance through conversation between humans and their surrounding space. Here the audience is invited to share their stories in order to reveal stories of former participants (strangers).

Through interviewing people on the streets of montreal, an audio bank of stories of people was created to train the key audio interactive system. Based on participants voice input parameters, the machine then triggers voice outputs from the voice bank thus creating an interactive - conversational confessional . One often lands up learning the similarities in shared fears and dreams between strangers. The visual projections transition from that of a church to a blueprint of an imagined cityscape. The blueprints are generated based on the voice inputs, Thus creating a visual manifestation of space based on ones spoken word.

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